About Us

Business, as we see it..

bridgeiconBridges: Therms & Elysium holds hands with a set of affiliates, establishing close associations and network, resulting in developing the dynamics of unified strength and independent growth. Companies such as Interserve Barcode Technologies and Inovx are already part of this consortium.

branchBranches: Diversification of activities and avenues of involvement is a keyword in Therms & Elysium. Our current divisions include Perfumes, Industrial Supplies, Oil and Gas, GRP/FRP (Fiber glass), Thermoplastics, Safety and Security, as well as outputs like Paper products, Surface Protection products, Dispensers, Hand Sanitizing Gel and Deep blue (portable toilet chemicals).

benevolenceBenevolence: Therms & Elysium is committed to play its part in addressing environmental issues, social struggles and ethical concerns. In its work environment, the company pays concern to lessen plastic waste and other pollutants.

Vision 2020


  • Present alternative and viable green energy to industries
  • Promote a spirit of innovation and exploration among the younger generation
  • Provide help for innovative research and development in areas that will rebuild the society, revitalize humanity and renew the world, recognizing it as a God-given gift to mankind.