Security Seals

Wide range of security seals for industrial and commercial use. Our products are used by airlines, shipping companies, banks, fire & safety companies, hospitals, telecom companies etc. Tamper evident bags / seals/ RFID etc. are also in our range.

Safety & Security

Safety has no quitting time. Practice it wit hour wide range of safety & security products from world renowned manufactures.

Fiberglass (GRP/FRP)

Providing clients with a cost-effective solution to various corrosion problems, which can not be solved easily by the traditional materials

  • Any object can be created – large or small.
  • One off’s or large quantity.


Thermoplastics such as Polycarbonate (PC) & Acrylic (PMMA) in sheet roll or in skylights (Domes / Pyramids with vertical flange). We are able to supply more sheets such as HDPE/HIPS/ABS etc.


We provide a wide range of IT Services and Products for business and personal needs.
See one of our brand new productsélan Practice Management

Oil Spill Control Products

We aim to provide a range of products that are efficient, cost effective and reliable to deal with oil spillage if and when it occurs.

General Products

Our General Trading division is engaged in supplying lot more items on a regular basis to the industries / clients.
Few to name:

  1. Hand Sanitizing Gel
  2. Liquid hand Soap
  3. Toiletries
  4. Tissue products
  5. Dispensers
  6. Portable Toilet Chemicals