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  • Bekaert
    Guy strand and speciality strand products
  • Belden CDT, Inc.
    Electronic, IMSA and speciality wire, tray
  • Bethea
    Pole line hardware
  • BICC Brand
    Industrial, specialty and utility wire
  • BIW
    Speciality wire
  • Blackburn
    Grounding, lugs, utility products, (outdoor) utility products-splices
  • Bowers
  • Brady
    IID products
  • Brand Rex
    Industrial and speciality wire
  • Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.
    Fittings (die cast and steel)
  • BRK Brands
    Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Broan-Nutone, LLC
    Heating and ventilating
  • Brooks Manufacturing Co.
    Utility productscrossarms (outdoor)
  • BWF
    Weatherproof boxes
  • C.E.W. Lighting Inc.
    Ballast kits
  • Caddy Fasteners
    Spring steel fasteners
  • Cadweld
  • Can-Tex Industries
    Boxes (non-metallic), PVC conduit, PVC fittings
  • Capri Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Carlon
    Boxes (non-metallic), conduit (liquidtight),enclosures/wireway, PVC conduit, PVC fittings
  • CarsonIndustries
    Vaults/outdoor enclosures
  • Cerro Wire and Cable
    Copper building wire
  • Chalfant Manufacturing Co.
    Cable trays
  • Challenger
    Boxes (non-metallic)
  • Chloride Systems(Genlyte Group)
    Lighting fixtures
  • Chromalox
    Heat cables, heating and ventilating
  • CME
    Copper building wire
  • Coleman Cable Systems
    Armored cables, cord, electronic wire, portable cord, speciality wire
  • Colonial Wire & Cable Co.
    Copper building wire
  • Columbia Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Conduit Pipe Products Co.
    Couplings, elbows, nipples
  • Continental Electric Co.
    Utility products (outdoor)
  • Cooper B-Line
    Cable tray, enclosures/wireway, strut
  • Cooper Bussmann
  • Cooper Crouse Hinds Co.
    • Airport Lighting Products
      Lighting Fixtures
    • Commercial Products
      Boxes (steel), fittings (steel)
    • Industrial Products
      Condulets, fittings (non-metallic and steel), hazardous fittings, hazardous location-industrial control, hubs, plugs and receptacles
    • Moulded Products
      Automation products, hazardous fittings
  • Cooper Lighting Group
    • Atlite
    • Corelite
    • Crouse Hinds Lighting
    • Fail Safe Lighting Systems
    • Halo Lighting
    • International
    • Iris
    • Lumark Lighting
    • Lumiere
    • McGraw-Edison
    • Metalux
    • Neo-Ray
    • Portfolio
    • Shaper
    • Streetworks
    • Sure-Lites
      Lighting fixtures
    • MWS, Inc.
      Modular wiring system
  • Cooper Power Systems
    Splice and termination kits, transformers (oil-filled), utility products-moulded rubber, utility products-splices
    • Kearney
      Utility products (outdoor)
  • Cooper Tools
  • Corelite
    Lighting fixtures
  • CRC Industries
    Aerosols, chemicals, lubes, paint and wipes
  • Crescent Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Crouse Hinds Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Quazite
    Vaults/outdoor enclosures
  • Queen City Plastics, Inc.
    PVC conduit, PVC fittings
  • R. Stahl
    Automation products, hazardous lcoation, industrial control
  • RACO, Inc.
    boxes (non-metallic and steel), fittings (steel), weatherproof boxes
  • RACO Manufacturing and Engineering
    D ata logging, remote monitoring
  • Rayovac Corp.
    Batteries and flashlights
  • Red Dot Co.
    Condulets, weatherproof boxes
  • Reeline
  • Regal Manufacturing Co.
    Fittings (die-cast)
  • Republic Tube
  • Robroy Industries
    Couplings, elbows, nipples, PVC coated conduit and fittings
  • Ronk Electrical Industries, Inc
    Transfer switches
  • Royal Switchgear
    Utility products (outdoor)
  • Rubbermaid
  • Russellstoll
    Plugs and receptacles
  • S&C Electric Co.
    Utility products (outdoor), utility products-switches
  • Salisbury, W.H., & Co.
    Utility products (outdoor)
  • Scepter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (see IPEX Inc.)PVC conduit
  • Schneider Electric
    • Markets
    • Industrial
    • OEM
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Industrial control
    • Automation products
      Busway, distribution equipment, drives, enclosures, wireway, industrial control, medical products, panelboards, power monitoring, surge protection, terminal blocks, transformers (dry-type), transformers (oil-filled), underfloor duct Automation products, drives, industrial control, sensors (motion, proximity, photo electric, ultrasonic), terminal blocks
  • SModicon automation products
  • Seagull Lighting Products
    Lighting fixtures
  • Security Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Sediver Insulators
    Utility products (outdoor)
  • Selecta Switch, Inc.
    Wiring devices
  • Sentinel Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Service Wire Co.
    Armored cables, copper building wire, speciality wire, utility wire
  • Shakespeare Poles
    Lighting poles
  • Shamrock Conduit Products, Inc.
    Couplings, elbows,nipples
  • Shaper
    Lighting fixtures
  • Sola/Heavi-Duti
    transformers (dry-type)
  • Southern Pipe
    PVC conduit,PVC fittings
  • Southwire Co.
    Aluminum building wire, armored cables, bare copper wire, conduit (flexible and liquidtight), copper building wire, cord, industrial wire, power cable, medium voltage, non-utility, speciality wire, utility wire
  • Spaulding Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Specified Technologies Inc.
  • SpecLight(Acuity Brands)
    Lighting fixtures
  • Square D Co .
    Busway, distribution equipment, drives, enclosures/wireway, industrial control, medical products, panelboards, power monitoring,surge protection, terminal blocks, transformers (dry-type),transformers (oil-filled), underfloor duct
  • Steel City
    Boxes (steel), fittings (die-cast and steel), floor boxes, weatherproof boxes
  • Sterner Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Stonco Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Streetworks
    Lighting fixtures
  • Strongwell
    Utility products (outdoor)
    • QuaziteVaults/outdoor enclosures
  • SuperStrut
  • Sure-Lites
    Lighting fixtures
  • Tamaqua Cable Products Corp.
    Copper building wire, power cable, medium voltage, non-utility,
    speciality wire, utility wire
  • Telemecanique
    Automation products, drives, industrial control, sensors (motion, photo electric, proximity, ultrasonic), terminal blocks
  • Thomas & Betts Co., Inc.
    • BlackburnGrounding lugs, utility products (outdoor), utility products-splices
    • BowersBoxes (non-metallic and steel)
    • ChallengerBoxes (non-metallic)
    • ElastimoldUtility products-moulded rubber
    • Hazlux LightingLighting Fixtures
    • KindorfStrut
    • OCALPVC coated conduit and fittings
    • Red Dot Co.Condulets, fittings (die-cast), weatherproof boxes
    • RussellstollPlugs and receptacles
    • Steel CityBoxes (steel), fittings (die-cast and steel), floor boxes, weatherproof boxes
    • SuperStrutStrut
  • Thomas & BettsCable ties and wiring accessories,fittings (non-metallic and steel), heat shrink products, lugs, terminals
  • Thomas Lighting
    Lighting fixtures
  • Tork, Inc.
    Timers/photo cells/clocks
  • Translite
    Lighting fixtures
  • United Copper Industries
    Copper building wire
  • Victor Insulators, Inc.
    Utility products (outdoor)
  • ZED
    Lighting fixtures
  • Zircon