Automatic Identification & Data capture (Auto ID)

Health Care Products

Zebra ZD510-HC

Being one of the most user-friendly thermal printers for wristbands on the market, the Zebra ZD510-HC is key to ensure patient safety: It makes information necessary for patient treatment and care available to everyone involved, thus effectively preventing errors in treatment. For use, it simply needs to be loaded with a cartridge containing blank, antimicrobially treated wristbands.

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Zebra ZQ300 Series

Ergonomic 2D healthcare scanner

The Zebra DS2208-HC is an ergonomic 2D scanner for all healthcare areas. From patient wristbands and medication bottles up to infusion bags and sample trays – thanks to PRZM technology, the scanner captures 1D and 2D barcodes at all times without errors and to the user’s satisfaction.

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Printer Products

Zebra ZD230

The Zebra ZD230 is a highly reliable 4″ desktop printer with extensive features to ensure a long life cycle. In addition to its compact design, it has a double-walled construction that makes it robust and durable.

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Zebra ZQ300 Series

Robust mobile printers for indoor or outdoor usage

The Zebra mobile printers of the ZQ300 Series come in two variants: the outdoor model prints receipts, and the indoor version additionally prints labels. Both print at a speed of up to 100 mm/sec.

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Printer products

Zebra 220Xi4

The 220Xi4 quickly prints labels up to 224 mm wide and 991 mm long at 254 mm per second. All the text, logos and barcodes are easy to read at the resolution of 8 dots/mm (203 dpi). Choose the 12 dots/mm (300 dpi) version where high-density graphics or small fonts are required. The large memory (64 MB SDRAM, 16 MB Flash) guarantees fast and reliable printing even of the most complex labels.

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Zebra ZT600

Zebra’s industrial label printers of the ZT600 Series are the ideal choice when your customers are looking for pack mules to handle very high print volumes.

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Airline Products

Dependable | Affordable | Reliable

Boarding Pass

Our boarding passes are manufactured according to the prevailing IATA resolutions and standards.

  • ATB Boarding-Passes
  • Manual Boarding-Passes
  • Available for Kiosks, Desk Top printers or manual.
  • Fanfolded or on rolls
  • Available in different formats and quantities.
  • Advertisement space on the reverse, high quality 4-color print.

Thermal Baggage Tag

•Our products are according to IATA Reso 740, IATA 1740a.
•Usable in all Baggage-Tag-Printers several approved materials available.

Printer products



Boarding pass and baggage tag printer with strong auto cutter

TK302III is the most advanced BPP and BTP ticket printer found on the market, designed for applications involving high workloads and requiring reliability and high performance.

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The AKB500 family of keyboards integrate OCR and MSR functionality to deliver a solid, multi-function device with a compact footprint ideal for airline passenger check-in and card reading, and retail/POS and security environments for quickly establishing customer identity.


Baggage tag and boarding pass printer with tear-off bar

TK180 is the most compact combined BPP and BTP printer with native AEA firmware for a seamless integration in CUTE and CUPPS platforms. Specially designed for small check-in desks where space is a major issue, TK180 can handle BPP tickets as well as paper rolls for receipts. The bag tag support is provided by the optional paper roll holder. TK180 is a dual printer, since it can work both as BPP or BTP tool using the same firmware, configurable via set up.

The OCR316e

The OCR316e is a compact and robust OCR reader. It can simply be attached to a variety of handheld and ultra mobile PCs, tablets, standard desktop keyboards and monitors, or act as standalone units as part of the data capture process, such as Know Your Customer, age verification and airport check-in.

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High Performance Labelling Solutions

Barcode Printer Supplies

Excellent Quality | Best Pricing | Technical Expertise


Zebra certified supplies are exceptionally consistent and consistently exceptional

Printing supplies can impact everything from printhead lifespan to operational efficiency. That’s why we design, produce and rigorously pretest our own line of thermal printing supplies to ensure consistent, optimised performance in your Zebra printer — and peace of mind for you. For industry-leading quality, service and thermal printing expertise, choose Zebra Certified Supplies.


Thermal Paper Rolls (POS)

Thermal paper rolls are produced from carefully selected premium quality raw material infused with thermo-sensitive chemicals that changes color when exposed to heat.

We collaborate with converters to produce rolls using state of art machinery ensuring a superior quality product.  Our Thermal rolls are made of high quality paper and available in a range of thickness and in different sizes.  Special sizes, colored and pre-printed rolls are available as custom products.

Thermal-Transfer Printing 

We supply a wide range of Thermal Transfer Print Ribbons for leading brands like Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Argox, Avery Dennison, Citizen, SATO and TSC Printers. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry and our knowledge and experience ensure that you get the right ribbon for your printer and specific application.

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Wax Ribbons

Standard ribbons used for printing on paper either matte or semi-gloss. Wax ribbons are cost effective and designed for applications using low print energy. These ribbons are primarily used to print on paper labels, where you can get good results even on rough surfaces.


WAX / RESIN RIBBONS produce a finer image on very smooth paper or coated paper labels (either semi-gloss or high-gloss). Even though the printed image here is much durable than wax, it can handle only occasional exposure to water or moisture

Printer products


RESIN RIBBONS are formulated to print onto plastic labels—such as polyester, polypropylene and vinyl. Extremely durable printing due to tight adhesion of the ink to the surface of the label. Plastic labels with resin printing will survive outside in full sunlight, can withstand immersion in water, are highly scratch-resistant and may be resistant to chemicals and oils (depending on the formula). Ideal for challenging application such as Chemical and oil resistant labels, electronic soldering etc..


Warehouse Labels


Shelf Labels