Addinol Eco Craft Series

  • Addinol Eco Craft 4015
  • Addinol Eco Craft 4040

ADDINOL Eco Craft series are fuel-economic marine engine oils in SAE-grade 40. The ideal combination of carefully selected high-grade mineral oil raffinates and the innovative NANOL® technology guarantees an outstanding performance and ensures wear and corrosion protection as well as good engine cleanliness of  marine combustion engines and secondary aggregates. Based on the usage of NANOL® technology the friction coefficient will be reduced entailing fuel efficiency.

Addinol German Quality since 1936

ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH develops and produces state-of-the-art lubricants for highest demands in automotive and industrial applications. Research and development belong to the core competences of our company. ADDINOL offers intelligent solutions, which ensure an optimal lubrication and responsibility towards the environment at the same time.

Food and Beverage grade / High performance greases

For food and beverage industry

ADDINOL, the German expert for high-performance lubricants, offers a wide range of lubricating oils, greases and sprays, tailored to the production of foods, beverages, animal feedstuff, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics:

NSF-H1 certification and registered in the NSF White Book

  • certified as kosher and halal
  • reliable protection of the components against friction, wear and corrosion
  • best ageing stability for long operating lives
  • resistant against aggressive ambient conditions
  • outstanding temperature stability
  • high compatibility with materials, sealings and paints
  • tried, tested and available all over the world.

ADDINOL High-performance greases and pastes

ADDINOL provides intelligent solutions which guarantee optimum lubrication and ensure responsibility towards the environment at the same time. Many of our high-performance lubricants increase energy efficiency of plants and engines considerably. They achieve significantly longer drain intervals compared to conventional products and extend the service life of the components lubricated. ADDINOL – Improve the Performance!

ADDINOL Cliptec XHS chain oils

Fully synthetic chain oils for secure lubrication at extreme temperatures. Gear oils for optimum wear protection and longest operating lives. Lubricating greases for reliable protection against wear Synthetic heat transfer oils with superior temperature stability.

ADDINOL High-performance Lubricants for Wind Turbines

The generation of energy from wind power brings significant benefits for the environment. For operators, a wind turbine can be lucrative business too. However, in order to ensure that everything falls into place, all aspects need to be looked at. After all, wind turbines are high-maintenance and cost-intensive capital goods. The experts of ADDINOL are familiar with basic conditions and oil parameters. Thanks to careful monitoring, they reliably and promptly detect even the slightest changes and irregularities and react immediately.

Antique vehicles are choosey, and classy! – Vintage cars

Usually, older vehicles cannot cope with modern lubricants. That is why the ADDINOL range offers the fitting products for veteran, vintage and classic vehicles until today. Even if there is an operating manual at hand still, some information needs to be translated and adjusted to today’s specifications. The following explanations and information help in choosing the suited engine and transmission oils.

General Purpose Lubricant

THERMS sewing machine oil is a lubricant specially made for sewing machine parts.

Widely accepted due to its low viscosity which is suitable for high speed industrial machine and small in-home models. Available in different packings, varies from 80 ml to 5 US gallon in metal and plastic bottles.


Specific Gravity 30°C 0.82
Viscosity 40°C  7.45
Flash Point °C 150
Pour Point °C -30
Colour ASTM D1500 0